Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter War 2010

I have entered my first tournament of 2010, the Winter War is being held by The Spiky Club on Sunday 17th January 2010.  It is a one day 2250 point Warhammer Fantasy tournament.

It will be another outing for my Ogre Kingdoms.  I will be putting an army list together which will comprise mostly of my Destruction Derby list plus an addition Ogre Hunter.  Experience tells me that I need another Ogre Butcher if the list is going to be more competative, but I want to concentrate on painting the Warriors of Chaos army. So my second Ogre Hunter will be in the army for the first time.

I may consider getting two or three units of Gnoblar Trappers.  The extra two Ogre Hunters allow the list to have an extra unit of Gnoblar Trappers per Hunter, so I can have a maximum of three units.  I will need to drop a unit of Bulls to accomodate the extra Gnoblar Trappers units, this will still leave me with a single unit of Bulls and three units of Ironguts.  This should be an interesting painting project over the Christmas break!

The two units of three Leadbelchers served me will in the Destruction Derby tournament, so these bad boys will remain in the army list. 

The tournament has some very hard "comp" restrictions on the other armies.  Ogres aren't hit by the comp at all, but then again do not benefit.

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Randroid said...

Yay Ogres!

I'm a big fan of Trappers but I have yet to run more than 2 units (of course I have never taken 2 Hunters either). They have their uses but I am not sure if 3 units is needed.

If you are going to run the Leadies 3 wide I highly recommend adding a champion as it makes them more survivable and it is a great deal for 10pts.

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