Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Lessons Learn't List

Back in October I started a lessons learn't list after my first tournament, since then I have played a few more games and learn't a few more things.  With practice and a lot more games then this list will hopefully grow some more.

For instance the initial entries of Remember Musicians have +1 to rally and Have a plan or plans for each phase have not occurred since.  I always remember the +1 to rally, and have used my Ogre Butcher to better effect.  

Question something if in doubt. Something came up in a game a recently, whereby a flying unit charged a unit of Irongut in the flank.  To do so they had to land in a wood, as the Ironguts flank was touching the wood.  Upon reading the rule book later, I found that flyers cannot land in a wood.  I did think about questioning this at the time, may be I should have. 

Don't be afraid to play for a draw.  Having played two tournament games against Vampire Counts, I have found that my Ogre Kingdoms cannot contend with the Magic that Vampire Counts bring to the battlefield.  Playing for a draw may lead to a boring game, but at least I will have something that resembles an army on the battlefield at the end.  This also ties in with the Think of current tournament placing entry in this list. 

Magic defense.  At least a single dispel scroll.  There is a lot of magic heavy armies out there at the moment.  The first time I didn't take a dispel scroll was when I lost 350 points to Infernal Gateway.  This undoubtedly lost me the game. 

Deployment (stop and think).  I had a terrible deployment in one of the tournament games recently.  I need to stop and think about not only deployment, but also subsequent movement with difficult terrain on the battlefield. 

Remember affects of weapons.  I can recall recently that I had forgot the +1 strength for the great weapons on the Ironguts. 

Remember unit special rules. Stubborn, Causes Fear for example. I can recall a couple of moments during the Squiggle tournament where I forgot Maneaters are Stubborn and more distrurbingly forgot Ogres cause Fear. 

Remember Musicians have +1 to rally. Again I can recall couple of moments during the Squiggle where I forgot this. 

Have a plan or plans for each phase. The Magic Phase for example. The Butcher was completely wasted in some games due to poor deployment and movement causing him to be out of range. 

Think of current tournament placing. All I needed to do was not lose by a massacre in the last game, and I would have avoided last place. I should have recognised the fast moving chariots and cavalry, two bolt throwers, two shooting unit and lots of magic. If I had deployed deep and hid out of line of sight then I might have avoided last place. Would have been a boring game though.

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Randroid said...

Good things to remember (p.s. GW give +2 Strength not +1).

When it comes to magic VC you don't need to dispel everything. The most important spell for most VC is Van Hels. If you can keep them from charging you with it you should be okay. Of course there are always situations where a unit of Raise Dead zombies can mess up your plans, or when they are trying to heal back the last wound on their General/etc.

You will always struggle in the magic phase, gut magic just isn't that powerful. At best you might get a spell or two off when bringing 2 Butchers. 3 gives you a slightly more reliable magic phase but it is still nothing when compared to the magic heavy armies kicking around now. When it comes to magic you should go all or nothing. If you do bring a single Butcher to the table go with 2x Dispel Scrolls for magic defense, and some Thiefstones on your main hammer unit.

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