2010 WFB Tournament Calendar

I have been looking for possible Warhammer Fantasy tournaments to attend in 2010.  I discovered that there is no one place on the web to find this information.  So I compiled a list of tournaments held in 2009 from sources such as GCN, WPS and TWF.  Of course this is based on tournaments held in 2009, but on previous history most seem to be held in and around the same month every year.

JanuarySheffield Slaughter2Dragon Slayers
Winter War1The Spiky Club
A Gathering of Might2North West Warriors
The Bad Dice Masters1Bad Dice
The Wandsworth Mini Waargh1Clapham Wargamers
FebruaryThrone of Skull Final2Warhammer World (GW)
Gobstyks 2250 WFB1Gobstyks
Yorkshire Open Heats (5 Events)1GCN
Impfest1The North London Imps
Warlords Challengers Shield1Brighton Warlords
Winter Doubles 20101Marauders Gaming
MarchWinds of Magic (Doubles)1Bracknell Forest Gamers
Winter Incursion 20102Maelstrom Games
Merseyside Meltdown2Terra Nova Gryphons
Yorkshire Open Final 1 GCN
Rushden Rumble (Doubles) 1 Phoenix Gaming Club
Oxford Gaming Club Fantasy 1 Oxford Gaming Club
Watford Dirty Wizards 1 Watford Warhammer Club
AprilSouth Coast GT2Battle Force Pompey
Whoops Apocalypse2Troll Slayers
Warhammer Doubles Tournament2Warhammer World (GW)
Storm Over Stirling 1 Stirling Wargamers
The Dragon Slayers Spring Bash 1 Maelstrom Games
MayOpen War11st Company Veterans
Mayday Madness 1 Hertford and Ware Wargames Club
Legionary Total Carnage1Legionary 2010 Convention
Call to Arms2Northeast Wargaming Association
Tempest Rising2Unseen Lerker
Stormydd Tan2Border Princes
North Conflict1Marauders Gaming
JuneBrighton Warlords 20001Brighton Warlords
Battle of the Chumps 2 Flame On
Summer Incursion 20102Maelstrom Games
Enemy At The Gates2Unseen Lerker
Impfest II1The North London Imps
JulyThe Clapham Charge (Doubles)1Clapham Wargamers
Toy Soldier2The British Historical Games Society
Panic1Woking First Founding
Gaunlet 2 Deeside Defenders Club
NWA Team Challenge 2 Northeast Wargaming Association
Midlands Open 2 The Dudley Darklords
Bristol Brawl2The Bristol Big Uns
Tides of Chaos2The Spiky Club
The Dragon Slayers Big Bash1Maelstrom Games
AugustCardiff Carnage2Cardiff Wargames Club
A Gathering of Might2North West Warriors
Britcon3The British Historical Games Society
Spiky Doubles1The Spiky Club
Autumn Incursion 20102Maelstrom Games
SeptemberLeicester Squiggle1Leicester S.Q.U.I.G
Northern Warlords GT2The Northern Warlords
Dudley Destruction Derby1The Dudley Darklords
Milton Keynes Massacre1Milton Keynes Wargames Society
OGC Warhammer (Doubles)1The Oxford Gaming Club
OctoberMansfield Maul2Dragon Slayers
Open War11st Company Veterans
Blood and Stone2Troll Slayers
Brighton Warlords (Doubles)1Brighton Warlords
Bristol Brawl Part Deux (Doubles)2The Bristol Big Uns
Throne of Skull Heat I2Warhammer World (GW)
Throne of Skull Heat II2Warhammer World (GW)
The Clapham Charge (Doubles)1Clapham Wargamers
NovemberImmortal War1Sutton Immortals
Teesside Tear-up2Northeast Wargaming Association
Regarding Retribution1The Sad Muppet Society
Total War2The Spiky Club
Throne of Skull Heat III2Warhammer World (GW)
Warfare2Wargames Association of Reading
Golden Troll 1 Coppull And Chorley Knights
DecemberDestruction Derby1Derby Wargames Society