Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comments and Feedback

Please feel free to leave some comments/feedback on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Ben from Leicester SQUIG here.

I was reading your pondering on the Spangleshard and noticed that you have misunderstood how it works.

The Ward save that you get isn't dependant on the strength of the attack, it is on what the opponent physically rolls to wound.

I.E. I fire my cannon which is S10, I need a 2 to wound your Tyrant, you do not need a 3+ to nulify the wound.
You wait to see what I roll to wound *rolls dice* I roll a 5, you need to roll a 6.

Just thought this might helpin decision making.

Here's an interesting thread on it too;

Mark Evans said...

Cheers for the comments Ben.

Your right I misunderstood how it works. Probably going to stick it on a Hunter for the Summer Incursion to see how it goes.

I see your going to Summer Incursion, you taking your woodies. They look stunning in the pic on the net.

See you there

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