Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chariot Pulled by Dragons

I have this idea of a Chaos Dragon pulling a flying chariot for a Chaos Lord or Chaos Sorcerer on a Dragon for my Warrior of Chaos army.  I found an artical on Medea, a chararacter from greek mythology.

It will probably be contructed form Galrauch and a Chaos Chariot.  The character either a Chaos Lord or Chaos Sorcerer will ride in the flying chariot behind Galrauch.

Medea was King Aeetes of Cholchis's daughter, a sorceress and devotee to Hecate, who became the hero Jason's wife.

After she had fled to Athens in a chariot pulled by dragons, Medea married king Aegeus, Theseus father. At an attempt to poison Theseus she was discovered, and had to flee to Asia, where she became the queen of her own people, the Medes.

According to the historian Herodotos Medea was a real woman who was kidnapped by the Greeks. For this reason the Trojans took their revenge and kidnapped Helen, which led to the Trojan War.

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Darth Weasel said...

Funny you should mention Medea. I have been researchign and developing a Greek-based list which would include Argonauts as a Uniquie Special choice, including Medea and Jason. Her potential to turn on him just seems fun and has overtones of Greek tragedy which amuses me.

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