Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tyrant with Tenderiser II

The previous post on this topic indicated that the Tenderiser was the option to go for. But I have made some modifications to my computer program and included the Ward Save option. Now the Chaos Lord has a 3+ Armour Save coupled with a 5+ Ward Save. The results now look completely different.

Heavy ArmourGreat WeaponKilling BlowTenderiser
Ogre Tyrant30%42%69%65%
Chaos Lord70%48%31%35%

The killing blow results are almost identical within 1%, but the Tenderiser is now 15% less effective.

Now we give the Ogre Tyrant a 5+ Ward Save and these are the results.

Heavy ArmourGreat WeaponKilling BlowTenderiser
Ogre Tyrant60%65%82%85%
Chaos Lord40%35%18%15%

The Tenderiser is now back to being the most effective (increased by a massive 20% because of the Ward Save) and the effectiveness of Killing Blow has increased by a 13%.

  1. Always give your characters a Ward Save. Upgrade options are more effective with a Ward Save. The effectiveness of killing blow was increased by 13% because the Ogre Tyrant had a 5+ ward save and stayed alive longer, therefore increasing the chances of killing blow.

  2. I would still take the Tenderiser over Killing Blow. The effectiveness of both are relatively similar, but there are now magic items that give "Immune to Killing Blow", also characters unit strength 3 and above are also immune. I haven't yet seen a magic item that gives "Immune to Ogre with Tenderiser"!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tyrant with Tenderiser

I was curious how effective the Tenderiser was over the Skullplucker which gives the Tyrant killing blow. So being a computer programmer I decided to write a computer program, this program played a number of combats between an Ogre Tyrant and a Chaos Lord with the characters having various upgrade options.

A typical combat

Ogre Tyrant attacks Chaos Lord.
Ogre Tyrant has 5 attacks, needing 4 to hit and 2 to wound.
Ogre Tyrant rolls 5 4 2 4 2
Ogre Tyrant 3 hits.
Ogre Tyrant rolls 3 2 6
Ogre Tyrant 7 wounds.
Chaos Lord armour save rolls 1 1 5 2 5 2 6
Chaos Lord Armour saves 3 wounds.
Ogre Tyrant kills Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord was equipped with Chaos Armour and a Shield giving a 3+ Armour Save. The Ogre Tyrant was equipped with the following.

These are the results of 300 combats for each of the Ogre Tyrant options. The figures show the nunber of combats won as a percentage.

Heavy Armour Great Weapon Killing Blow Tenderiser
Ogre Tyrant 40% 62% 68% 80%
Chaos Lord 60% 38% 32% 20%

I think the results are pretty conclusive. The Tenderiser is definitely the upgrade option to go for. I was surprised how better the Tenderiser was over Killing blow with a massive 12% increase in wins.

I will probably expand and tidy up the user interface of this program, may be also add in a unit combat option. Then at some point release the program to the public, but at the moment I am busy painting ogres.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tournament Ogres

I have noticed on the warhammer forums that most tournaments usually allow Ogres a 2500 point limit for a 2000 point tournament depending upon the composition system. If I want to attend a tournament this year, then I am going to need another 500 points of Ogres!

I already have 2000 points of partially painted Ogres. I have amended this list to drop the Irongut lords and banners to bring in a Hunter.

The 2500 point army will include an additional Hunter, two Maneaters and a Gorger thats 490 points extra in 4 miniatures.

I always wanted to get away from the standard Tyrant and three Butcher build. I always liked the Hunter miniature also the podcast World's End Radio recently mentioned a Tyrant and three Hunter build on an episode and that got me thinking.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chaos Spawn

I liked the idea of a Chaos Spawn in my Army.

This was also painted back in spring 2007.  My Chaos Warriors army was slowly taking shape.

Next would be another core unit of Chaos Warriors.

Khorne Chaos Warriors

First core unit of Chaos Warriors painted in a Khorne theme.

I painted this unit back in spring 2007, it was my first core unit purchased.