Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tournament Ogres

I have noticed on the warhammer forums that most tournaments usually allow Ogres a 2500 point limit for a 2000 point tournament depending upon the composition system. If I want to attend a tournament this year, then I am going to need another 500 points of Ogres!

I already have 2000 points of partially painted Ogres. I have amended this list to drop the Irongut lords and banners to bring in a Hunter.

The 2500 point army will include an additional Hunter, two Maneaters and a Gorger thats 490 points extra in 4 miniatures.

I always wanted to get away from the standard Tyrant and three Butcher build. I always liked the Hunter miniature also the podcast World's End Radio recently mentioned a Tyrant and three Hunter build on an episode and that got me thinking.

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