Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 A Year For Fantasy ?

Next year 2010 is widely rumoured to be a year for Warhammer Fantasy!  One such rumour is that the game will get an 8th edition rule book in the autumn.  We do know that Beastmen are to be the next army to have a new book published, and that this will be in February.  Another rumour is that Tomb Kings will be published after Beastmen?

Here is a break down of the army books published (to my knowledge) in recent years. This year 2009 has been a quiet year for Warhammer Fantasy Battles with only two new army books published.

2010 Tomb Kings (Rumour), Beastmen
2009 Skaven, Lizardmen
2008 Warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves, Daemons of Chaos, Vampire Counts
2007 High Elves, Orc & Goblins, The Empire, Dwarfs (could have been 2006?) 

This leaves the three armies I have listed below in order (to my knowledge) of when the current army book was published. Will these armies receieve some attention from Games Workshop in 2010?  Another rumour says that all armies without a 7th edition army book will have new books published from spring onwards, before the rumoured 8th edition?

2005 Wood Elves
2004 Ogre Kingdoms
2003 Bretonnia

We have recently seen a new Dwarfs FAQ being published, why after 3 years did Games Workshop feel that an updated FAQ was required for Dwarfs?  Could it be that all the armies will have an updated FAQ to bring inline with a new rumoured 8th edition?  Will we see a flood of updated FAQs in 2010?

Another rumours is that Chaos Dwarfs will return with a new army book?  The current 7th edition rule book contains a breif description of the Chaos Dwarfs along with profiles for the units, so this does indicate that back when the 7th edition rule book was published Games Workshop were intending to keep Chaos Dwarfs.

Regarding my beloved Ogre Kingdoms it is rumoured that the Ogres and Dogs of War will merge into a new army?  It is stated in the 7th edition rule book that Chaos Dwarfs trade weapons with the Ogres, will we see a Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms and Dogs of War new army?  

My last rumour is something Warhammer Fantasy based is being released in March, what I don't know?

How true are these rumours going to be?  However all the rumours are indicating that 2010 will be a year for Warhammer Fantasy Battles!

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