Sunday, December 6, 2009

Destruction Derby III Aftermath

Had a brilliant day with three great games.  My thanks goes out to the Ben's for hosting such a wacky tournament, and to my three opponents on the day.  I finished the day on 31st out of 36 players, which I am well chuffed with.

A "no comp" tournament with wacky scenarios is a great laugh, the scenarios really helped in leveling the playing field for armies such as Ogre Kingdoms.

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Game 1 - Paul with Warriors of Chaos

This was the wound Stinkcrapp Bumfeeler the Night Goblin Shaman more than your opponent scenario.  Plus at the end of every turn the Goblin summons the power of his gods, all units that caused a wound to Stinkcrapp in that turn are hit by the Foot of Gork spell.

I managed a WIN! wounding the Night Goblin Shaman 10 times to Paul's 6.  Also getting a Marginal Victory 1297 to 961 on victory points.  The two units of three Leadbelchers didn't misfire all game, and along with the Butcher with Bangstick and Bonecruncher did all the wounds to the Night Goblin Shaman.

All game I just concentrated on wounding the Night Goblin Shaman.  My deployment was key with both units of Leadbelchers, the Butcher and the Hunter all deployed centrally I could inflict the most wounds with these.  This left the remainder of my army to just get in the way of the Warriors.

Game 2 - Stuart with Vampire Counts

This game followed all rules for a pitched battle, along with a few extra rules to shake things up a bit such as no models can fly, all units are affected by the Rain Lord spell and at the start of each players turn roll a dice for all your units, on the roll of a 1 the unit is hit by a Forked Lightning spell.

After my experience against Vampire Counts at the Immortal War tournament, my plan was to avoid combat as much as possible and play for a draw.  Alas I lost this game 654 to 165 a Marginal Lose.  I am happy with the result, I avoided the massacre which happened against Vampire Counts at the Immortal War tournament.  Had a unit of Leadbelchers stayed alive, and I killed one more single skelly it would have been a draw. 

With only a single Butcher with a single Dispel Scroll and with only three dispel dice I couldn't stop the raising.  I found that after two turns I needed to save all my dice for the movement and always strikes first spell.  These spell seems to be harming my units the most.

There was a vital combat in the middle of the table for a couple turns.  I had a unit of three Bulls in the front and a unit of three Leadbelchers in the flank of a unit of skellies.  I did manage to get this unit down to a single model over the three rounds of combat.  But the next round of combat they were back to full strength of 15.  Stuart managed to get the spell off which gives Always Strikes First with an irresistible force on the unit of skellies.  This unfortunately sealed the fate of the Ogres in that combat.

Even though I lost by a Marginal Victory, I was happy with how I fought the Vampire Counts. 

Game 3 - Adam with Bretonians

This was the get units wholly in your opponent’s deployment zone to score scenario points.  Plus the in the centre of the table is a rift that leads directly into the Realm of Chaos itself! At the start of each player’s turn the rifts move 2d6” in a random direction, any unit touched by the rift are immediately affected by the Infernal Gateway Spell. The rift moves through units like a fanatic does.  The Infernal Gateway rift didn't play any part in the game it just moved over to the left every turn and out of the way of each army.

A Massacre Lose scoring zero scenario points, and only a few victory points.

Really messed up deployment in this game BIG TIME.  The scenario meant that you couldn't deploy within 12" of the short table edge and with a 12" wide difficult terrain in my deployment zone to the left meant that I had 3 feet to deploy in.  Also I had another smaller piece of difficult terrain to the front of my deployment zone.

Having deployed my army completely wrong and giving Adam the first turn it was all over bar actually rolling some dice.  I should have used the terrain to my advantage and not to my disadvantage (which I managed!).  Not going first also meant that I couldn't get my army out into the space of the centre of the battlefield.

After turn one with the Bretonians marching the full 14" my whole army was pinned down in a small space with Pegasus Knights to the flank.  It was a mess!! With no table space left to flee the charges by turn four it was all over.

Final Words

Really enjoyed the day, had a great time.  A result of 31st out of 36 players I am well happy with.

I have discovered that opponents really don't like the Trollguts spell going off and two units of three Leadbelchers seem to scare them!

Well thats the end of the 2009 UK tournament year.  I am hoping to attend a one day tournament in January next year, which will be another day for my Ogre Kingdoms army.  After that I should have my Warriors of Chaos fully painted, so they will have a day out at a tournament soon.

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glad you had fun and nice job on the first two games. Also nice work learning the lesson of avoiding cramped deployments :-)

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