Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter War 2010 Aftermath

Really enjoyed the day with three great opponents.  My performance on the day was in a word "abysmal" last place collecting the wooden spoon award.

With 68 players all the army races were represented, which is good to see.  Dark Elves were represented the most with 9 armies at the event.

Game 1 - Jon with Dark Elves

This was my first tournament game against Dark Elves.  I lost 19-1.  The shooting which included 2 bolt throwers, 2 chariots, and 2 units of shades raped my entire army through out the game.  The Ogres toughness whilst helped wasn't enough for the amount of shots.  I did managed to panic the Hydra in the fist turn with braingobbler, which only needed to roll average to flee off the board.  So what did Jon roll?  Double 1!  Next turn the Hydra rallied.

Game 2 - Jack with Dark Elves

Another Dark Elves player!  Jack had been beaten my another Ogre Kingdom player in his first game, so ironically we both had the same army to contend with in the second game.  Another lose 20-0. In Jacks first game his Dragon Mage failed a braingobbler and fled of the board in turn 1, I had no such luck!  A little less shooting in Jacks army, but he played well.  Only a lonely Irongut standard bearer remained on the battlefield at the end of the game.

Game 3 - Luke with Vampire Counts

In my last three tournaments I have played Vampire Counts every time.  Another lose 20-0.  One of the Hunters harpoons managed to kill three out of the six Black Knights with a flank shot but in the following turns the raising add another, so above half strength.  Luke managed to remove all my models from the board.

Final Words

Really enjoyed the day, had a great time. But disappointed with the way I played.  Two Hunters isn't really the best tactic for Ogres to take to a tournament.  For the points spent on the Hunters, I could have another Butcher or Bruiser, and spend the remaining points on some more Bulls. Something to consider for the future. But for the immediate future in tournaments it going to be my Warriors of Chaos.

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