Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Black Tongue ?

I have recently been putting together the basis of a Warriors of Chaos army for my next tournament.  The one item that I am struggling over is The Black Tongue.  

On first glance it looks like a must have item, at 50 points my plan was to put it on my exalted BSB.  Combined with the Infernal Puppet this could be a lethal weapon.  

The reason for it being on the BSB is that both hero level Sorcerers are loaded with arcane items, and my lord is a Daemon Prince which cannot take any magic items.

Then we read the "small print", owning character takes a wound that may not be saved by any means.  So in order to hopefully remove an enemy wizard I put my character on half wounds giving away around 100 victory points.  If the roll of a 2 on the miscast table removed both the wizard and its mount, then I could understand anyone taking this item.  

For example a Dark Elf Sorceress Lord would be around 300 points meaning that I benefit 200 points.  But it all depends on my opponent rolling in my favour on the miscast table, then myself rolling favourablly for the Infernal Puppet.

I could possibly lose 100 victory points for no gain?

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Darth Weasel said...

It is a one shot deal which lessens its effectiveness considerably. Taken together with Infernal Puppet give4s you an excellent chance of doing serious damage to the enemy so it depends on what you expect to face. I have only taken it one time and it completely dominated the game as between the Tongue and Puppet the Vamp general died turn 1...but that is a bit chancy.

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