Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Incursion 2010

Winter Incursion 2010 is a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament hosted by Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, England and their first Warhammer Fantasy event.  This is a two day event taking place on the 20th and 21st March 2010.

I noticed that the tickets were on pre order before christmas.  But here is the snag....  It is my wife birthday that weekend so didn't bother pre ordering a ticket.  So this week I get home from work, and my wife tells me that she has pre ordered the ticket for me as a present.  I love my wife!

My wife parents live just up the road from Maelstrom Games, so my wife and the children can spend the weekend at her parents while I go and play Warhammer!

Don't know what the army size and comp restrictions are at the moment, apparently these details should be finalised by the end of next week.  But what I do know is I will be taking my Warriors of Chaos. 

On the topic of my Warriors of Chaos....  I have completed painting on the Daemon Prince, Warhounds and started on the Knights.  With only the Marauders Horsemen and a Sorcerer to complete should have these done in time for the Gobstyks event in February.  If not I can always put a unit of Ogres in the army to bring upto 2250 points.

So thats three tournaments in the first three months of 2010.  I am turning into a bit of a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament whore!  Need to sign up for a tournament in April now!


Andrath said...

I've pre-ordered tickets to this tournament, hope I've got enough minis.
This is my first 2 day tournament.

See you there!

Mark Evans said...

You taking your Warriors?

Andrath said...

Yep, my army geared up to 1999pts though, so I think my Exalted Hero may be promoted to Lord and his steed into a Demon Steed.

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