Friday, October 2, 2009

A Lessons Learn't List

A while ago now on an episode of PodHammer, it was mentioned that a certain player after every tournament/game wrote down a list of every thing that he stuffed up on. This list was then added to after every tournament/game, and used as a reminder of where improvements in his game could be made.

So here is the start of my list...

Remember unit special rules. Stubborn, Causes Fear for example. I can recall a couple of moments during the Squiggle tournament where I forgot Maneaters are Stubborn and more distrurbingly forgot Ogres cause Fear.

Remember Musicians have +1 to rally. Again I can recall couple of moments during the Squiggle where I forgot this.

Have a plan or plans for each phase. The Magic Phase for example. The Butcher was completely wasted in some games due to poor deployment and movement causing him to be out of range.

Think of current tournament placing. All I needed to do was not lose by a massacre in the last game, and I would have avoided last place. I should have recognised the fast moving chariots and cavalry, two bolt throwers, two shooting unit and lots of magic. If I had deployed deep and hid out of line of sight then I might have avoided last place. Would have been a boring game though.

It all comes down to the 7P's Acronym...

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Darth Weasel said...

used to pla a CCG called Raw Deal. So many things to remember...after a while, we started a "Stupidity Fund". Anytime we made a play error, we dropped in a nickel. I am not saying we made a lot of errors...but we DID buy a box of cards from one set...

Errors are part of the game, learning lessons makes them fun. Good luck at the one you signed up for

Mark Evans said...

Thanks for the kind comments Darth. Good idea the "Stupidity Fund".

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