Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keeping the Ogre Hunter Alive

My Ogre Hunter died every game at the recent Squiggle Tournament, it was like hemorrhaging 235 points every game. It was kitted out with Beastkiller and Greyback Pelt. Beastkiller was a complete waste of points. My inability to use the Hunter effectively rendered the Greyback Pelt useless as well.

Do I keep the Sabretusks?

The Sabretusks provided protection against ranged attacks, randomizing hits So I am keeping these bad boys.

Having looked at the Big Names and Magic Items (and there is not a lot to choose from) I have come up this a short list of useful items...

Deathcheater; Once per Game. Forced to re-roll all successful rolls to wound (need to be in base contact).

Mastodon Armour; 5+ Armour Save. If killed not in close combat. 2+ restored on 1 wound.

Greyback Pelt; +1 to hit in close combat.

Spanglehard; Roll higher than "To Wound roll".

Gnoblar Thiefstone; Magic Resistance.

Talisman of Protection; 6+ Ward Save.

The Wyrdstone Necklace will be on the Bruiser General, so not on the list.

Then we have the Butchers Magic Spells...

Toothcracker; +1 Toughness and Stubborn. Butcher takes a Strength 4 Hit.

Trollguts; Magic Resistance(2) and Rengeneration. Automatically takes a wound.

I already have protection from ranged attacks from the Sabretusks, just got to bear in mind if these are released will lose this benefit. I could cast Trollguts on the Hunter early in the game, giving Magic Resistance(2) and Rengeneration.

My only conclusion is the key to keeping the Hunter alive is in deployment and movement. Think about the Hunter first whilst deploying, keep close to the Butcher if possible. Use the Sabretusks effectively.

So this will be my Hunters items (for now!) ...

Greyback Pelt, Talisman of Protection, Cast Trollguts or Toothcracker on the Hunter.

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Darth Weasel said...

So frustrating when a favorite model dies repeatedly. My beloved Dragon Ogre Shaggoth spends more time in a grave yard than your average Vampire Count Skeleton does.And he is tough to kill with T5 and 6 wounds.

I think the upshot is, any powerful model that your opponent perceives as dangerous is going to draw an inordinate amount of attention and die sooner rather than later...which you can use to your advantage.

Use him as a distraction to let you get Maneaters where you want them, use him to support a Gorger, things like that will, if not keep him alive, at least make his value equate to teh points you are giving up.

but he is such a cool model, how can you not roll him out there? :-)

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