Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leicester Squiggle Wooden Spoon

For my last place at Squiggle tournament I was awarded the "Wooden Spoon" prize, a £10 pounds discount voucher at Gifts for Geeks.  Its a bit ironic that I had purchased most of my Ogre Kingdoms army from Gifts for Geeks.

So I opted for the Games Workshop Battlemat, which arrived today and I am very happy with it!  

I am currently building a gaming table for home, so this is just the thing I needed.  The gaming table comes in 3 parts of size 4" x 2" which are bolted together.  I may even change this so it comes in 6 parts of 2" x 2".  Will post some pictures when it completed.

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John said...

Nice prize for the Wooden spoon mate - the key thing though is did you enjoy yourself?!?

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