Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leicester Squiggle Aftermath

Firstly I would like to thank Will and Hutch for running the tournament. I had a great day and will definitely be back for some more next year.

I ended my first tournament in last place on 17 tournament points. In my original post (click here) I had said that my target was 17 points, that I would probably end the tournament in last place. That's exactly what happened.

First game was against Garath and his Skaven. Highlight was on Garath's first turn his war machine (not sure what it was) misfired and blew up. Really didn't play this game to the Ogre's strengths against Skaven, Garath had commented on this at the end of the game. Result lost by a Massacre.

Second game against Ben a fellow Ogre Kingdoms player. Highlight was a unit of Ironguts killed Ben's Bruiser General with Tenderiser. Result Marginal lose.

Looking back at the tournament going into the last game, all I needed to do was avoid a massacre to avoid finishing in last place. This wasn't in my mind whilst playing the game unfortunately (a lesson learnt for future tournaments).

Final game was against Dave and his High Elves. Dave's magic, shooting, fast cavalry and chariots was my down fall. I only managed to get a single Maneater into close combat after the other had been shot and magic'ed to death. I ended up losing 940 victory points, less than 900 would have meant avoiding the massacre. Highlight was scoring zero victory points and only killing a single spearman. Result lost by a Massacre.

Looking back on the Tournament should I have played a more "Tournament Style" game in the last round and deployed deep and hid my army in and behind the woods for six turns out of range of Dave's magic and shooting and played for a draw?

What did I learn playing with my Ogre Kingdoms...

Hunter died every game. Being my most expensive unit, it was like hemorrhaging points every game. I like the model, just need to learn how better to play better with this miniature.

Butcher needs to be upfront and within 6" of units. Bangstick and the Magic Missile spell were useless for most of the games because either my army was blocking line of sight or other units were out of 6" range.

Learn to play the terrain better. For example I could have hidden the Hunter behind a wood and then moved through the wood at normal movement rate with the Greyback Pelt which he had. May be this is why the Hunter died every game?

Irongut units 4 wide were difficult to move. May be a smaller frontage would be better?

Need to think smarter during Deployment. Found that placement of Hunter was difficult with an entire army already deployed.

Leadbelchers; Thinking a unit of five would be more beneficial than two units of two.

The level of painting at this tournament was in my mind to a very high level. I voted for Joe's Dark Elves, which was voted in second place with Joel's Ogre Kingdoms taking first place by a single vote. Another army to mention was Andy's Warriors of Chaos, click here to see pictures on this blog. It was a close call between Joe's Dark Elves and Andy's Warriors both painted to an excellent standard.

My brain was completely frazzled by the end of the day. But I now have the bug for more Warhammer and more Tournaments, so this is just the start!

Closing words ....

Warhammer Tournaments are like
Playing Warhammer at 100 miles per hour"


Randroid said...

Sorry to hear your Ogres placed so poorly. I know two of the regulars from The Ogre Stronghold were in this event as well (Ben and Joel).

Did you post your list here or over at battlereporter?

On your comments:

- Hunter is difficult to use. I don't like him in tournament games, mostly for the reason you mentioned (a lot of points, fairly easy to kill)

- Always start you Butcher in a unit! It will keep them alive and more effective.

- The general Ogre general consensus is units of 3 are best. You are still risking a panic check at 4 wide once you lose 1, and as you said, it is easier to manuever them with 3.

- Leadies in 2 units of 2 is great. If you want a big unit just deploy them next to one another and move them as if they were. You still get the benefits and don't have to worry as much about misfires taking out the whole unit.

Darth Weasel said...

Getting hammered and still enjoying it is a most positive outcome,glad you had fun and sounds like you learned, so keep on rolling.

Mark Evans said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

There were 5 Ogre armies at the event, Ben finished highest and Joel's excellent army was voted best painted.

I did post a list on the Ogre Stronghold, although did change it. Will post the list on the blog.

I really enjoyed the event and finishing last was expected. But like I said "This is just the start".

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