Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vocabulary of the Gamer

There are two words in the gamers vocabulary which I tend to only hear around gamers and especially gaming pod casts. I find that these two words aren't used outside of the gaming world with as much frequency. These two words are "Awesome" and "Cool".

The worse pod casting offenders seem to be World's End Radio, the use of these two words is very prevalent with a very high frequency per episode. HeelanHammer uses the word "Awesome" to described their premium content section, even going to the extent of “Super Awesome”.

A search of the word "Awesome" against the Bell of Lost Souls website returns 25 pages on Google, “Cool” returns 35 pages. Search for the word “Brilliant” and Google only finds 5 pages. Therefore proving my theory that gamers use the words "Awesome" and “Cool” more than other words such as “Brilliant”.

So next time you are listening to a gaming pod cast or with your mates gaming at a club, listen out for these words. Second thoughts better hadn't, it might start bugging you as much as it does me!

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