Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leicester Squiggle Tournament

With less than 4 days till my first tournament and I thought that I would post an update.

My Warhammer gaming experience is around a dozen games of 1000 point games with my son at home and at Warhammer World around 18 months ago. These games were with my Chaos Warriors (Hordes of Chaos as it was then) and my sons Orc & Goblin army. Since then my son's interest in Warhammer has declined and frequency of games played. Therefore my time and effort has been spent building and painting my Ogre Kingdoms army.

So going into my first tournament with my newly painted Ogre Kingdoms army here are some facts...

Only ever played against my son.
Never played a game with my Ogre Kingdoms army.
Never played a 2000 point size game.

So what have I done to mitigate my certain defeat...
Had my head in the rule book for the past weeks, and I am hoping to find some time to visit a local gaming club near to where I work to hopefully get at least one game in before the weekend.

The tournament scoring for the Leicester Squiggle doesn't seem to favour a massacre over a marginal win with only 2 points difference. But if you lose by a massacre over a marginal lose then the difference is 6 points. So my aim is to not get massacred, and play for the draw hoping to get marginal or solid loses. This may seem a little defeatist, but a complete novice playing one of the weakest armies I am not expecting any great wins!

Anyway I will post a tournament report or should I say the "aftermath report" and hopefully some pictures next week.

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