Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Leicester Squiggle

I have entered my first tournament the "The Leicester Squiggle" being held in Leicester and hosted by the Leicester S.Q.U.I.G gaming club on the 26th September. Its a one day, three game, 1999 point Warhammer Fantasy tournament.

I will be taking my Ogre Kingdoms, I just need to whittle down my existing 2500 points to 1999 points. The maximum number of tournament point available is 50, so I am giving myself a target of 17. I will probably end the tournament in last place, but with being a novice and using probably one of the weakest armies in the Warhammer world at the moment I will be happy with that.

The tournament is 14 weeks away so had better get some practice, haven't yet played a game this year (too busy painting, working). I will post a tournament report on how I got on after the tournament.

A link to the post on The Warhammer Form can be found here.

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