Thursday, July 9, 2009

UK WFB Rankings

The Bad Dice Podcast and Irresistible Force have joined forces to bring you the UK WFB Rankings.

Irresistible Force have been running the Australian rankings for a number of years and over the last few months The Bad Dice Podcast has been in talks with them to bring the UK Rankings up a to the same standard as the Australian system.

The way the rankings are worked out is the same as it was last year (it was the Irresistible Force system that we used last year) and are roughly based on the ATP Tennis ranking system.

To summarise, The system basically awards a nominal value for tournaments of a certain size and then gives descending amounts for each place below the first based on a fixed increment determined by the size of the field. A players best 4 scores are then used to ascertain his ranking score. No.1 will be the player with the highest score.

The full information about how it works can be found here

The rankings will be updated every time an event is submitted. The rankings show results from a rolling 12 month period, as a new event is submitted the previous years are moved into archives and do not count towards your score.

Will be interesting to see how close to the bottom I will be after my first tournament 'The Leicester Squiggle' in September.

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Monkieboi said...

That's a great idea... it adds a whole new dimension to taking part in tourneys!

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