Monday, July 6, 2009

Movement Trays

I was going to order 16 pre-built resin movement trays for my Ogre Kingdoms army totalling £24.90 (which included £7.50 postage and packaging) from a company in the UK. The cart and checkout process on the web site didn't show the postage and packaging, until the very last stage, even after entered delivery details. This annoyed me, but when I saw the postage I decided to look elsewhere.

So I decided to opt for two packs of the Citadel Modular Movement Trays from Maelstom Games at £10.80 all in. Spent a day building the trays and applying sand for texture and I have saved myself over £14!

Just goes to show contrary to popular believe that sometimes Games Workshop products are cheaper. Especially when ordering from Maelstom Games.

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John said...

Maelstrom Games are a fantastic supplier even for those of us 12000 miles away it is the preferred option. Free postage overseas and prices 20% cheaper than local shops are just great.

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