Monday, March 16, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms 2000 pts

This is my original 2000 point list modified to include two Hunters and two Maneaters.

Tyrant (276pts)
Heavy Armour; Tenderiser; Wyrdstone Necklace

Butcher (180pts)
2 x Dispel Scrolls

Hunter (235pts)
2 x Sabretusks; Greyback Pelt; Beastkiller

Hunter (215pts)
2 x Sabretusks; Skullplucker

Bulls x 3 (139pts)
Bellower; Iron Fist; Light Armour

Ironguts x 3 (199pts)
Bellower; Standard Bearer; Warbanner

Ironguts x 4 (222pts)
Bellower; Standard Bearer

Leadbelchers x 3 (175pts)

Leadbelchers x 3 (175pts)

Maneaters x 2 (180pts)
Heavy Armour; 1 x Great Weapon; 1 x Cathayan Longsword

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