Thursday, July 1, 2010

My 2010 Resolutions Progress

I have to thank the Boisterous Exuberance blog for reminding me of my 2010 new year resolutions.  So here is the progress I have made during the first six months.

Continue to spend at least 30 minutes most evenings away from the television painting my miniatures.

Achieved.  I now have a Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth box set to keep me busy in the evenings.

Join a club and play more often against other people.  Aim is at the very least 2 games a month.

Achieved.  Myself and my son Tyler now attend the gaming nights at Maelstrom Games at least once a week.

Complete painting my 2250 points Warriors of Chaos army.

Achieved.  This was completed back in February for the Gobtyks tournament. 

Complete painting my new army Dark Elves, so I can field at least a 1999/2000 point army.

Binned.  Difficult to paint an army when its all sold on ebay!

Terrain, I need more.  At least two woods and two hills.

Binned.  Been playing more often, but at the gaming nights at Maelstrom Games.  Hence the need for more terrain isn't high on my list at the moment.

Play in at least six tournaments during the year.  I have already earmarked ten tournaments.

On Target.  Have played in four tournaments during the first half of the year.  I was planning on attending Autumn Incursion at Maelstrom Games in August, but don't think I will be able to attend now.   Will definitely be attending Immortal War III at the Sutton Immortals in November, that's if I can get a ticket.  Apart from these two I am not planning on attending any others.

Expand my Ogre Kingdoms or Warriors of Chaos army to 2999/3000 points to play in larger army size tournaments.

Achieved.  This was completed back in June for the Summer Incursion tournament. 
Achieve a UK Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament Ranking of at least 250 in 2010.
Binned.  Really not too bothered with this.  It would have been nice to achieve this year, but Warmachine has got my attention now.

With the Ogre Kingdoms I am waiting on a new army book and miniatures before progressing any further.  Knowing my luck I will start painting more miniatures, then new miniatures and a new army book would be released.  I am hoping this will be later this year, or early next.  The rumoured 8th edition errata for Ogre Kingdoms may change my mind on this.

The Warriors of Chaos is an awkward army for me at the moment at 2,000 and 2,250 points my Daemon Prince doesn't fit within the new army composition rules, unless I drop him down to a level 3.  Rumours on the UK tournament scene is that 2,400 will probably be the new limit.   Therefore I am now 351 points short of a tournament army, so probably a new block of fifteen Warriors is in order? Of course a block of eight Chaos Ogres from the Ogre Kingdoms army could also fit in nicely!

With both armies, I need to wait two weeks for the new rule book and hopefully the rumoured erratas before making a decision!

Regarding Warmachine I now have the Protectorate of Menoth box set built and primed ready for paint.  So will be concentrating on painting this army to the very best quality I can achieve.  I have found over the previous two years that the quality I spend on painting has decreased, mainly due to getting an army on the table.  Therefore the Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth army will take as long as it takes to paint to the highest quality I can achieve.

Single figure painting has also made it back into my hobby recently.   I was inspired by The Basement demo day at the Summer Incursion to get back into single figure painting.  The miniatures on display were absolutely stunning.  Plus The Basement are having another demo day at Maelstrom Games this month, so I will be attending that for more inspiration.

So onto the revised resolutions for the remainder of the year.

Build up my Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth army to 35 points, fully painted.

Play a game of Warhammer Fantasy and/or Warmachine at least once a week.

Paint a single figure to the highest quality I can achieve.

Post more regularly on this blog and reflect the changes to my wargamming and painting hobby.


John said...

Nice resolutions - did you get the Classic Menoth box set or the new plastic one with the new versions of the classic warjacks

Asmo said...

Well, glad I reminded you! At least you're making fantastic progress on yours ;). I haven't had the same success, I'm afraid, haha.

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