Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Change of Direction

Well it seems that my wargamming is going to take another new fresh change of direction.  I did plan on painting a Dark Elves army, but the army is being sold on ebay.  Got to admit after purchasing the miniatures I couldn't find the motivation to paint them.  Plus with the new Warhammer Fantasy rules coming out next month, and I think the Ogres and Warriors will need some more units painting.  Will still definitely be playing the new Warhammer Fantasy rules.  But a new army is being put on hold probably until next year.

Reason being... Well recently my son Tyler has got back into the hobby.  So instead of investing in another Warhammer Fantasy army which can be very expensive, we opted for a demo game of Warmachine at Maelstrom Games.  Having had the demo Tyler has opted for a Khador force and I have chosen the Protectorate of Menoth purely for the painting possibilities.  Hence the selling of the Dark Elves army to aid in purchasing two Warmachine armies and the Rule Book.

Also I won the Infinity rule book at Summer Incursion for my last place.  At first glance of the book my initial reaction is that it looks like a kids game, with a cartoon look n feel.  But Dan at Maelstrom Games informs me that is it one of the best tactical games that they sell.  So will probably be putting together a small force to play some Infinity.

Plus recently myself and Tyler have been attending a few gaming nights at Maelstrom Games playing Warhammer Fantasy up until now.  
Whilst there I noticed some people playing Black Powder with Napoleonic 28 mm figures.  The battlefield looked stunning, this has really caught my eye.  So will probably get some Vitrix or Perry miniatures to paint, see how that goes.  Will start with painting some units and get the rules at a later date.

So the title of this blog is going to have to change may be to "My Wargamming Blog", and possibly change the banner!  Will have to find the time to make some changes!

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