Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Incursion Painting Progress

With only fifteen days until the Summer Incursion and I still have a hell of a lot of painting to complete.  Both the Scraplauncher and Gorger need gloss and matt varnishing.  The Gnoblar Trappers are only partial painted.  And the forty Gnoblar Fighters are built and primed along with the movement trays.  Plus I want to make some more mushrooms for the extra units to tie them in with the current army.   As well as static grass and bits and pieces on the bases there is a lot to do.

So I have drawn up a plan.  If I stick to it religiously then I may be in with a chance, but its going to be tight.

Back to the painting table.

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Kuffeh said...

That does sound like a challenge. Good luck!

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