Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms Painting Progress

With forty days remaining until the Summer Incursion tournament at Maelstrom Games I still have a load of painting to complete.  Progress was slow during April, the Scraplauncher, Gorger and Gnoblar Trappers have all been built and primed.   The Gnoblar Fighters are still on the sprues.  I have concentrated on painting the Scraplauncher first because it was the largest model.  The base and Rhinox are complete with the Scraplauncher its self and Gnoblars only half way done.  The construction and painting of the Scraplauncher has taken longer than I expected!

I guess by next Friday the Scraplauncher will be complete.  Next weekend I will start on the Gorger, followed by the Gnoblar Trappers.  The Gnoblar Fighters I am leaving until last.  This will leave me probably only two weeks to complete two units of Gnoblar Fighters.  Its going to be tight with the deadline for army list submission being the 4th June.  Every Ogre Kingdoms miniature I own in already in the army list, so there is no room for tweaking the list should I fail in painting these in time.

When all these are complete I can field a 2,999 point Ogre Kingdoms army,  the only units I won't have are Yhettees and a Slave Giant.  I am really hoping for a new Ogre Kingdoms army book this year after 8th Edition.  With the possibility of different miniatures and different rules the future could be very interesting for Ogre Kingdoms players.

Back to the painting table!!

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