Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spangleshard v Wyrdstone Necklace

I have always taken the Wyrdstone Necklace on my Tyrant.  Recently I have been looking into the comparison between the Spangleshard Talisman and the Wyrdstone Necklace.

The Wyrdstone Necklace grants a 5+ Ward Save with the minor negative that the Tyrant could take a wound after deployment.

The Spangleshard Talisman is a strange on.  If wounded by strength 7 or better then you get a 3+ save.  A strength 6 attack and its a 4+ save, Strength 5 is a 5+ save.  Therefore attacks greater than Strength 5 the Spangleshard Talisman is better than the Wyrdstone Necklace.

Here is the snag against strength 4 the save is 6+ and strength 3 no save at all.  This leaves the Tyrant at risk against normal infantry, magic missiles and Elven shooting when taking the Spangleshard Talisman over the Wyrdstone Necklace.  Also the Spangleshard Talisman cannot be used against automatic wound items, but I don't see these very often.

I am now considered the Spangleshard Talisman on a Hunter, but at 30 points it restricts the magic weapons available to only the Sword of Might.  

One option I quite like the look of is the Spangleshard Talisman and the Beastkiller big name on a Hunter.  This combination could be used against dragons typically giving a 4+ save, also causing multiply wounds.  I think I will probably run this combination for the Summer Incursion in a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I think you only have this partly correct:

If the "to wound" roll is a 5, then the Spangleshard would only work (nullify) on a 6+

If it the "to wound" roll was say a 2+, then you nullify on a 3+.

Example: Tyrant @ T5 attacked by S3 Screamer. Since the Screamer can only Wound on a 6 then you're Spangleshard would only kick in...Never. (This you got right.)

If wounded by a S6 Slavegiant, and they roll their 3 to wound, then you have a 4+ chance to nullify the wound. If they roll a 6 to wound though, you're in the same boat as the example above, and you're Spangleshard is junk.

The potential to save is great, but do you feel ok relying on your opponent to roll high so that you can always have that save? Thats pretty much what this comes down to in my opinion.

Sigmar said...

For A Tyrant I would generally prefer the Wyrdstone necklace which covers all eventualities.

Having said that, since the army book was released back in 2005 I've noticed a general, if modest, increase in all the new army's attack strength. So, with this in mind, you might find that the Spangleshard is actually quite good value for money if you can keep the wearer safe from missile fire.

In a tournament I think I'd stick with the necklace because I think you'll find it to be more reliable.

All the best,

PS. I quite like your idea of giving the Spangleshard to a Hunter. I'll need to dig out my book to remind myself of the Hunter's strengths and weaknesses.

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