Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change of Direction

My plan for the remainder of the year, was to play with my existing Warriors of Chaos and Ogre Kingdoms builds.  This was so I could concentrate on painting on my Dark Elves.  However there are a few tournaments which I would like to attend that are 2,999 points when taking an Ogre Kingdoms army.  So a change of direction for the remainder of the year.  One of my new year resolutions is to "Expand my Ogre Kingdoms or Warriors of Chaos army to 2999/3000 points to play in larger army size tournaments" anyway.

So for the next two months the Dark Elves will be put on hold and I will be painting an extra 500 points for my Ogre Kingdoms.  

Ogre Kingdoms army additions...

Additional Maneater to make a unit of three.
A Gorger which primary use is to harass all these bolt throwers I keep coming accross.
A unit of Gnoblar Trappers to harass and march block the enemies battle line.
A Scraplauncher for some range attack ability.
I may also go for another Butcher to replace one of the Hunters.

So onto another of my new year resolutions, "Join a club and play more often against other people.  Aim is at the very least 2 games a month".  I haven't managed to join a club in my area yet this year, but this is going to change!  I desperately need some more practise games with my Ogre Kingdoms if I am going to better myself at Warhammer!

The Warriors of Chaos will be put in the display cabinet and the Ogre Kingdoms back in the army case, reason being "Five dice Infernal Gateway on that unit" is getting boring and predicable, plus I find my Ogre Kingdoms more challenging to play with.

My next tournament is the Summer Incursion at Maelstom Games in June, I am not planning on attending any others until then.  So it will be 2,999 points of Ogre Kingdoms on the battlefield!


Randroid said...

I approve!

Throw up a list and I would be happy to provide some feedback. I think all of your addition suggestions are solid ..

Mark Evans said...

Cheers Randriod

I always appreciate your comments.

How did you find running two Scraplaunchers?
Whats your thoughts on a Slavegaint over a Gorger?

Will post a list in a couple of weeks, need to give it some thought!


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