Saturday, May 23, 2009

Army Roster Template

I have compiled two Army Rosters for both my Warriors of Chaos and Ogres Rosters 1500 lists. These are printed on a A5 size pieces of card. I used to print army rosters in A4 size, but after listening to an episide of the baddice podcast they mentioned printing A5. I thought what a good idea so now print to A5 size, saves some space on the gaming table.

Ogre Kingdoms 1500 Army Roster

Warriors of Chaos 1500 Army Roster

I have deliberately smudged out all the information which could infringe upon the Games Workshop IP copyright protection, so there is not a lot to see.

However you can download a blank Army Roster Template, right on the images below and select 'Save Link As' to download the template rosters.

Template Roster (Open Office Format)

Template Roster (Microsoft Excel Format)

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