Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Incursion 2010

The rules pack for this tournament is now available on the Maelstrom Games web site, so I downloaded it.  Its 32 pages and excellently put together, the best tournament rules pack I have seen.  

Its a two day, six game tournament with some scenarios (mostly around deployment) thrown in to mix things up a little.  The armies have been banded according to their relative strength, which allow the weaker armies more points on the table in the form of reserves. 

I would have liked to take my Ogre Kingdoms to this event, as the results are not going into the UK rankings.  
But I need 2,000 points of Ogres plus four reserves at 250 points each.  I can muster 2,500 points army, but not 3,000.  I did look at including a Scrap Launcher, some Gnoblar Fighters and more Irongut or Bulls.  I even considered making both units of Leadbelcher 5 miniatures wide, and adding another 4 Maneaters.  But the cost and limited time available to paint mean't that the Ogres will have to stay at home for this one.  I am not going to compromise the painting quality of the army to meet a tournament deadline!

The Warriors of Chaos are in a different army bracket to that of the Ogre Kingdoms.   I need 2,000 points of Warriors of Chaos plus only two reserves at 250 points each.  I will have 2,250 points painted, so only need another 250 points.  Here's the plan...  A unit of Ogres from my Ogre Kingdoms army not sure on the upgrade yet, may be additional hand weapons with Mark of Khorne?

Really looking foward to this one, it will be my first two day, six game tournament!

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