Monday, November 23, 2009

Immortal War II Aftermath

Had a great time and three great games. Plus I won the best painted army award, winning a Dark Elves Warrior box set and a Certificate.  I ended up in 23rd place out of 24 players, and avoiding last place.  Well chuffed!

It was a 1999 point tournament with no comp other than no special characters.  I took my Ogre Kingdoms with no magic defence.  Lesson learn't here is always take plenty of magic defence to a "no comp" tournament, as the games will demonstrate.

First game was against Steve with Warriors of Chaos which ended in a minor lose.  Steve's first turn he managed to cast Gateway and removed my Irongut unit with Butcher thats 334 points gone and my only magic attacks in the first turn.  I managed to get some units into combat which got me some points back.  I was happy with a minor lose especially with losing my Irongut unit with Butcher to Gateway on the first turn.  Had to question how a level 2 Tzeentch wizard can manage to cast Gateway.  At least a single scroll and I would have avoided Gateway.

Second game and another Steve this time with Wood Elves.  Massacre lose on turn 5.  A nightmare of a game for my Ogres up against 4 units of 10 Dryads, 3 units of archers, 2 units of fast cavalry and a treeman.  The skirmishing Dryads and archers reeked havoc.  I did manage to get my Bruiser into combat which killed the Alter Noble in a challenge.  But I couldn't contend with the Dryads and Archers.

So going into the last game I thought probably a game against the Orc and Goblin player.  But facing me across the table Vampire Counts. What am I doing playing a Vampire Count army on the bottoms table in the last round, I had to ask my self!?

So last game was against Dave and his Vampires.  Massacre lose with all models removed from the battlefield!   I was controlling my right hand flank with my 2 units of 3 Leadbelchers up until turn 4.  Well that is until they fired.  The potential 60 shots had the Vampires reversing for 3 turns.  But a sudden rush of blood and I fired both units, resulting in only 6 shots and 4 misfires.  Lesson learn't here is 2 units of 3 Leadbelchers together on a flank can be good, just don't fire!  I fed the Maneaters to the Wraiths hoping that being stubborn would hold for a turn or two, but didn't!  In the end Dave's magic reeked havoc and with only 3 dispel dice and no scrolls I was completely helpless, there were raised skellies every where.

Anyway I really enjoyed the day and will be attending more tournaments next year.  Will probably be taking the Ogres to my next tournament after that it will be my Warriors of Chaos.

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Darth Weasel said...

Major props on winning the best paint job. Lol sadly, I would probably end up at the other end of the spectrum...some prize for "you call these models painted?" or something.

The Level 2 guy can actually get it off pretty easy; 3 dice and a lot of times they will have Mark of tzeentch and Conjoined Humonculous. Means it requires a 14 instead of fifteen, dice should average 3.5 and conjoined will add average of 2 meaning on an average roll he will score a 12.5 so just slightly above average gets it off...2 - 3 times a game would not be unreasonable.

Bummer to be on wrong side of it, though.

And the poor Leadbelcher shooting hurts a bunch.

But glad you enjoyed it, and again...congrats on the painting.

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